​​​​Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department

Engine 17

2003 International/US Tanker

Engine 17 is designated as our first out for motor vehicle accidents as well as structure fires in locations that a normal fire engine may not easily fit (limited access).  Areas around Lake Ripley is one example of such an area.  This truck carries ​​750 gallons of water, has a 1250 gallon per minute pump, and a 25 gallon foam cell.  There is a full set of hydraulic extrication equipment as well as our high lift airbag system.  There is seating for three personnel and there are two air-packs.  There are complements of firefighting tools, ground ladders, and additional extrication equipment.  Engine 17 is used to pull a trailer with our Argo ATV on it when responding to brush fires.  

Hose compliment:

2 x 200 foot 1 3/4" pre-connected cross lays

2 x 100 foot 1 3/4" hotel packs

650 feet of 2 1/2" on hose bed

150 feet of 3" pre-connected on hose bed intended for Blitz Fire

2 x 50 foot sections of 3" for use as feeders to 4" 

​950 feet of 4" on hose bed