Cambridge Fire Department

Become a Cambridge Volunteer Firefighter!

How to become a firefighter

  1. ​Fill out an application, which you can download below.  You can return the application to the CFD by A) Giving it to a Cambridge Firefighter, B) Dropping it off at the fire station on a Monday night after 6:30pm, C) Calling the fire station to arrange a time to drop it off, or D) Scan and email it to the CFD email address.  (All contact information is below).
  2. An interview with our Board of Directors, Fire Chief, and President will be scheduled to meet you and discuss our department and the expectations for CFD members.
  3. Once voted onto the department by the membership, you will be enrolled in the next Entry Level or Firefighter 1 class that is held at Madison College.  Classes are usually at night once a week for one semester, and often involve one or two Saturday classes.
  4. In addition to classes, you will be assigned a mentor that is a senior firefighter on the department, who will guide you through the orientation process and begin to train you on our equipment.

Expectations of Cambridge Volunteer Firefighters

  • Respond to fire calls whenever you are available.  The minimum is 20% of calls, but members are highly encouraged to respond any time you are available, even at night.
  • ​Participate in trainings and meetings.  We have truck maintenance on the first Monday of the month, business meeting on the second Monday of the month, training on the third and fourth Mondays of the month, and an officer meeting on the fifth Monday, if there is one.
  • Be eager to learn from others.
  • Follow direction of officers or senior firefighters.
  • ​Do not share incident details with members of the public.

Why become a firefighter?

  • ​Help out your community in a very unique and meaningful way.  We respond to assist our fellow community members in their greatest time of need.  There are few things that are as fulfilling as helping someone when they crash their car, their home was on fire, helping during a medical emergency, or numerous other types of incidents.  TRULY make a difference!
  • Learn new, useful skills and use tools and equipment that few have the opportunity to operate.  
  • Meet new people that also reside in our community.  Our members come from all walks of life and each one of us contributes a piece of that to what is the Cambridge Fire Department.
  • We are very involved with our community, from our annual events, participation in parades, Touch-A-Truck, and Fire Prevention Week!
  • Volunteer firefighter looks great on a resume to prospective employers!
  • Our community depends on volunteers.  In today's world, less people are able to dedicate the time to be a firefighter, often due to family life or work dedications.  This makes finding volunteers even that much more difficult!  

A little about the CFD

We are a 100% volunteer fire department, which means that our firefighters respond from home, work, or where ever they may be when an incident occurs.  Members are issued pagers which alert them to when they need to respond.  We currently have over 3o active members of the department, which are overseen by a fire chief.  Our department has a long, rich history of community service ever since the department was founded in 1902.




Be sure to print out two applications.  One for yourself and one for someone else!


If you have questions about being a member, feel free to contact us using our contact information here:

Cambridge Fire Department

271 W. Main Street

​P.O. Box 79

Cambridge, WI  53523

Phone: 608-423-2014