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     Municipality                       Representative

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Village of Cambridge             Mark McNally

Village of Rockdale                 Julie Nelles

Town of Christiana                Maureen Lien

Town of Oakland                    Gene Kapsner

Town of Lake Mills                 Dave Schroeder

The Cambridge Fire Department district encompasses approximately 68 square miles of land in both Dane and Jefferson Counties.  We cover the entirety of The Villages of Cambridge and Rockdale and the Town of Christiana in Dane County.  We cover portions of both the Towns of Oakland and Lake Mills in Jefferson County.  Included in our coverage area is 4.3 miles of I39-90, 5.4 miles of US Hwy 12, 5 miles of US Hwy 18, and 3 miles of US Hwy 12/18.  See the map below of our primary coverage area.

As we are on the border between two counties, Dane and Jefferson, we participate in two different MABAS Divisions, 115 and 118.  We are primarily associated with 115 (Dane), but also participate with 118 (Jefferson).  MABAS stands for Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, which is a pre-planning system that gets put into action when a department needs additional resources beyond its own capabilities.  Instead of trying to decide in the middle of an incident what units we need, we can use MABAS to have pre-determined units from other departments sent to assist.  Almost every county in Wisconsin has its own division.  

​​​​Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department

Fire District Information

The Cambridge Fire Department is overseen by representatives from each municipality that we serve, making up the Cambridge Community Fire Commission.