Fire Prevention and Education is one of the most important functions of any Fire Department. Our goal is to provide the general public with access to information and activities that will help to increase not only awareness to fire or emergency situations, but the ability to safely and properly respond if a dangerous situation occurs. With proper planning, preparedness and knowledge everyone can make better decisions regarding safety. 

Fire Prevention and Education

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Safety Topic of the Month: Controlled Burns/Brush Burns

As winter slowly relinquishes its hold and the spring season starts to blossom, many people find themselves with the desire to clean up, especially outdoors. As the ground and area dries out many people take the opportunity to have a "controlled burn" of left over wood, scraps and vegetation growth. It is incumbent upon the individual who has decided to have a burn to ensure every safety measure is taken, and know that individual "controlled burns" are not supported or advocated by the Cambridge Fire Department. Below are a few recommendations if an individual decides to take it upon themselves to have a burn. It is important to note that these recommendations are very minimal and proper research into your Counties permits is strongly encouraged.

  • Always ensure the area you have designated as your "burn area" is free from dried grass, overhanging trees, or building exposures.
  • Check the DNR website for burn conditions and follow them appropriately.
  • Communicate your intentions, as well as time, date, location and precautionary measures with your local Fire Department, as well as reach out to neighbors to ensure they know it is happening.
  • Never, ever leave a burn unattened.