This 1978 Pierce served as Engine 2 up until 2010, and was our front line engine until 1994, when Engine 1 was replaced.  When new, it was a nice lime green, as was a trend.  It was repainted red to match the rest of the trucks sometime after the new Engine 1 arrived.  One of our honorary firefighters owns this truck.

This 1994 Peterbuilt Custom Fire was Engine 1 from 1994 to 2019.  It was our front line engine up until 2010, after which it was our second due and mutual aid truck.  It is now locally owned by a member of the Cambridge community.

This 1950 American LaFrance served as Engine 1 until 1994, when it was sold.  It served as front line engine until 1978, when the old Engine 2 was purchased.

This 1986 Chevy served as Tanker 6 up until 2001.  It carried 3000 gallons of water

This truck served as Tanker/Tender 7 up until 2010, when our current Engine 2 was purchased, and we no longer had room in the apparatus bay to house both trucks.  Initial purchase date unknown.  The original tank suffered from corrosion and leaks, so a new one was mounted on it in the mid 90's.  One of our honorary firefighters owns this truck.

​​​​Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department

This truck served as our Brush 8 from 1991 to 2012.  For many years, it even carried extrication tools, as it was the first unit out the door on most calls.  It was later outfitted with a small hose bed to carry additional hose.

This late 1960's IH Metro Step van served as the rescue truck/equipment van/Squad 5 until it was replaced in 1992.

This 1970 GMC served as Brush 9 up until the early 2000s, when it was raffled off to make room for the new Engine 17.  This truck carried the Jaws of Life for a period of time, just as Brush 8 had.  When new, it was a orange-red color, and was repainted to match the old Engine 2.