​​​​Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department

Tender 6

2001 Peterbuilt / US Tanker

Tender 6 has one main purpose, and that is to carry water from a water source, such as a hydrant, to the scene of a fire.  Our tender carries 3500 gallons of water, and has a 500 gallon per minute pump.  This allows us to pump from the tender to an engine, which pumps the water through hoses in order to fight the fire.  It is also capable of dumping the water out of one of three chutes, all located on the rear of the truck.  It can dump to either side of the truck or directly to the rear.  We dump water into a portable tank, which an engine can draft into its own tank to use to fight fires.  Tender 6 also has a 100 foot pre-connected 1 3/4" line.​​